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Schillinger Forestry Services
Schillinger Forestry is committed to providing expert, customized service to individual landowners, for all aspects of forestry management including timber sales, management plans, forest stewardship tax planning and professional consultant services.

Commercial Timber Sale Management
Assessment of your property for timber stand improvement
Woodlot inspection to ensure wise use and sustained yield of timber products
Marking boundary lines and selecting trees for harvest as saleable wood
Competitively solicit bids for marked timber to obtain a fair price for the landowner
Provide a contract for all parties to the timber sale -- requiring a performance bond to protect the landowner
Inspect the work of timber cutters / buyers to ensure contract adherence

Forest Management Plans
Natural resource management plans to improve the value of your land
Enrollment in government programs for the purpose of tax incentives and savings
oForest Stewardship Plans
oForest Land Enhancement Program
oQualified Forest Act
oCommercial Forest Act
oTree Farm Association

Forest Health Assessments and Recommendations
Emerald Ash Borer
Oak Wilt
Beech Bark Disease

Invasive Species Identification and Control
Autumn Olive

Wildlife Habitat Improvement

Expert Witness Services
Timber Trespass 

Educational Workshops and Seminars
on Forestry Issues Affecting Local Landowners